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GT of the Remarkables

1 Day Alpine Adventures on New Zealand's South Island

New Zealand isn't all huge approaches and epic glaciers; there are also plenty of great one day alpine climbs. Here are 4 of the best!

Alpine Climbing Moderate, Severe

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GT of the Remarkables
GT of the Remarkables Photo: Calum Muskett


There aren't many alpine climbing destinations in the World which provide more "bang for your buck" than New Zealand's South Island - the mountains are high and wild yet also easily accessed thanks to a network of helicopter companies providing (surprisingly reasonable) flights into the hills. The routes on New Zealand's alpine mountains are notoriously serious, featuring huge terrain and multiple objective dangers, and that's to say nothing of the weather....

That stuff is all well and good but nobody wants every single climb to be a multi day mission - sometimes a nice day hit is just what the doctor ordered. New Zealand might not be known for it's single day alpine adventures but, as you'll discover in this guidebook, there are some World-class mini-adventures in the South Island.

The routes described here are spread across 3 of New Zealand's premier climbing destinations - the Darrans Mountains, the Mount Cook region and the legendary Remarkables peaks which tower above Queenstown, New Zealand's "adrenaline capital". It would be a great trip just doing these 4 routes, but they could also be combined with some higher altitude climbing in any of the 3 regions they'll take you to.

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