A Week of Gorgeous Hikes around Zürich

7 of the best day walks from one of Europe's coolest cities.

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Aussicht vom Bachtel auf den Zürichsee, Hinwil
Aussicht vom Bachtel auf den Zürichsee, Hinwil Photo: Zürioberland Tourismus


As well as being a capital of culture, Zürich is also something of a mecca for hiking and if you do these 7 walks you will understand why!

All of these trips can be reached using the excellent Swiss public transport system so you can stay in downtown Zürich and enjoy city life in the evenings whilst also escaping into the peace of nature during the days.

There's an amazing diversity amongst these hikes but without question the most unusual one is the tour around Zürich airport. It sounds strange (and it is a bit!) but the walk is surprisingly quiet for much of the way and its sheer uniqueness makes it a fun day out.

For that combination of city and serenity, look no further.

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