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The Tyndrum Mountain Running Classics

Four classic running routes in the Tyndrum region, each with a unique perspective of the mighty Great Glen and surrounding mountains.

Trail Running Difficult, Severe

Ben Cruachan & Stob Diamh


There are so many different options and route variations even in just this small area of Scotland, but these four routes encompass the variation and beauty that the Tyndrum region has to offer. As with most mountainous routes, these are best tackled on a clear day when the views north over the Great Glen up to Ben Nevis and beyond can be fully appreciated.

All of these routes are within touching distance of the A82, but each one feels very isolated, enabling you to experience the solitude that the mountains have to offer without having to drive for hours on small roads. Out of the four, Stob Ghabhar feels the wildest and has a breath-taking eastern face that can rival many an alpine peak. If you like your ridgelines, then Ben Cruachan is the one for you.

During the long days of summer, if in good shape and moving fast, you could realistically knock off all four in only a couple of days. If feeling in need of a big challenge, then it would be possible to link them all together into a spectacular round and an almighty "day" out!

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