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Point Dume sunset

Escape LA's Concrete Jungle on These 6 Easy Hikes

Escape from the stress of city life and relax in nature on these 6 easy hikes.

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Point Dume sunset
Point Dume sunset Photo: Giggs Huang


Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis filled with cars, buildings, and strip malls for miles. With a population of 18.7 million people in the Los Angeles-Long Beach combined statistical area, most outsiders wouldn’t even dream of coming to Los Angeles to hike. But the millions of adventurous people that live here know that despite being such a massive megalopolis, LA has easy access to incredible hiking right on its doorstep!

While the nearby San Gabriel Mountains are home to numerous lengthy, strenuous hikes, if you stick closer to the valley floor, you’ll find tons of easier opportunities to escape the concrete jungle and relax in nature. The Middlecrest Trail Loop and Tuna Canyon Budwood Motorway are both straightforward, easy hikes. To combine your hike with a dash of Hollywood culture, check out the MASH TV Set Hike.

Finally, if you want to truly leave the noise of the city behind by trading it in for the crash of the surf and the cries of seagulls, check out these three hikes located right on the coast: Point Dume Trail, Ocean Trails Reserve, and Dana Point Preserve.

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