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Cathedral Lake and Cathedral Peak

3 Easy Hikes to Gorgeous Alpine Lakes near Aspen, CO

Soak in the beauty of Aspen's mountain peaks on the shores of an alpine lake!

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Cathedral Lake and Cathedral Peak
Cathedral Lake and Cathedral Peak Photo: Brendan Bombaci


Near-vertical mountain peaks surround the world-famous mountain town of Aspen, Colorado, and in the valleys between the peaks, you’ll find an array of stunning mountain lakes! While some of the lake hikes near Aspen can be long and strenuous, or even better considered as a part of a multi-day backpacking route, a few of the lakes can be reached via moderate hiking routes.

The three lakes in this guidebook are three of the most popular lake hikes near Aspen, in large part because they are quite achievable—even by the uninitiated. However, do note that these are moderate lake hikes by Aspen standards. Both Cathedral Lake and American Lake require over 2,000 feet of climbing to reach them, so if you’re looking for a truly easy hike, head to Crater Lake instead.

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