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Discover the Top Breckenridge Hiking Trails

Explore the Rockies in a unique way with these crowd-pleaser trails.

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Air up There
Air up There Photo: Adam Baker


"How can I make the most of Breckenridge’s gorgeous scenery," you ask?

"By hitting the trails," we say! You’re in for a real treat with hundreds of trails in and around Breckenridge that showcase all kinds of gems like alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, stunning waterfalls, and more.

Trails range from gentle dirt roads to more rigorous mountain summits, so families and hardcore mountaineers alike will be pleased with the selection of adventures in the area. While some may be slightly more challenging, your hard work will undoubtedly be worth it when you soak in the awesome views!

If you're looking for the perfect recommendation, Mohawk Lake hits that perfect balance of challenging but do-able for families and rewards you with alpine lake scenery above the treeline. Plenty of trails are also accessible for those traveling without a car.

Author: Emily Lennon

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