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Aspen, Colorado 14ers that Dare You to Climb Them

These seven 14,000-foot peaks near Aspen beckon with proud summits and routes that range from moderate to severe.

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Mt. Massive - Southwest Slope
Photo: Scott Anderson


Colorado’s “14ers” are the ultimate hiking challenge, with steep terrain at high altitude and the allure of a summit taller than most in the nation. The mountain town of Aspen sits amid a cluster of peaks which promise that 14,000-foot perch, if you can reach it. To accept the challenge, make Aspen your base camp for a summer peak-bagging mission, and choose your route based on distance and difficulty. You can jaunt up talus fields on La Plata Peak, a relatively easy ascent, or tiptoe the knife-edge ridge of Capitol Peak, among Colorado’s toughest. One of these 7 routes on 14ers near Aspen could be your next big objective.

Keep in mind that these are all alpine routes, not maintained trails. They require advanced routefinding skills and total self-reliance. Weather is the biggest danger in the high mountains, and thunderstorms are common on summer afternoons. Standard procedure for Colorado 14ers is to summit and get back to safer terrain by noon, so plan your route accordingly.

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