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4 Easy Hikes in Crested Butte that Everyone Can Enjoy

These 4 Crested Butte hiking trails provide an incredible reward for very little effort.

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Trail 403 Short Hike
Photo: Greg Heil


When you visit some Colorado mountain destinations, it can feel like all of the trails rocket straight up into the sky. If there’s a mountainside, every single trail seems destined to go straight up it, switchbacks be damned.

Thankfully, Crested Butte isn’t like that at all! While yes, you can tackle epic mountain summits and multi-day backpacking loops here, many of the most scenic and rewarding hiking trails are actually quite mild.

The four trails outlined in this guidebook provide easy access to Crested Butte’s incredible natural beauty. On these trails, you’ll enjoy stunning views of mountain peaks, colorful fields of wildflowers, golden aspen groves, thundering waterfalls, and rushing rivers. While you may still get a workout on these trails, the climbs are all achievable, and you can always shorten the hike to fit your fitness level.

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