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5 Easy Hikes Just Outside of Las Vegas

Escape the stress of the Strip for the peace of the desert.

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Mustang Loop
Photo: Greg Heil


If you find yourself in Las Vegas and are looking for an escape from the cacophony found on the Strip or on Fremont Street, why not head to the desert for an easy hike? This guidebook will help you choose the perfect mellow desert outing.

Las Vegas hiking is anchored by the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. A national parks site managed by the Bureau of Land Management, this idyllic reserve protects a staggering formation of towering red rock cliffs, rolling sandstone bluffs, and an untrammeled mountain range that forms the western skyline for the local residents. While there are plenty of fantastic hikes to be done there, even some of the "easiest" can be plenty challenging. However, the Calico Hills trail is accessible to most people, and if you aren't worried about doing a little rock hopping, the beginning of Ice Box Canyon isn't too difficult.

If you're looking for a truly easy hike, you'll have to head elsewhere. Thankfully, there's no shortage of trails to choose from, including some delightfully-smooth sandy singletrack hikes! From the popular Late Night trailhead, you can choose from either the Mustang Loop or the Badger Pass Loop, which head in opposite directions.

Finally, you can also access a fantastic beginner hike directly from the suburbs of Henderson in the McCullough Hills Trail System. These interconnected trails allow you to tailor the length of your hike to be as short or as long as you desire!

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