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Behind the Rocks Ultra Trail Race by Mad Moose Events

Behind the Rocks Trail Race takes you through Moab’s expansive network of backcountry 4x4 trails and sandstone arches.

Trail Running Moderate, Severe

Behind the Rocks Ultra 50 Miler
Photo: Brendon Voelker


Southern Utah is defined by red rock formations and seemingly endless sandstone desert. Its rugged beauty, amazing backcountry trails, and desolate dirt roads make it a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts, especially the growing trail running community.

Behind the Rocks is one of Mad Moose Events’ seminal trail races. Held annually at the end of March, diehard trail runners can usher in the spring running season with this epic race through the desert. From smooth doubletrack to sandy washes to technical downclimb, there’s a lot to challenge even highly experienced runners. There are also three levels of course severity to choose from: 30k, 50k, and 50mi.

Bonus: During the event, there’s free on-site camping by the race finish line, a picturesque spot beneath the La Sal Mountain range.

For more information check out Mad Moose Events webpage: https://www.madmooseevents.com/behind-the-rocks-home

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