Amasa Trail Race by Mad Moose Events

An epic trail race in Utah’s wild and scenic backcountry.

Trail Running Moderate, Difficult

Kane Springs Road, Amasa Back Area, Moab, Utah
Kane Springs Road, Amasa Back Area, Moab, Utah Photo: Ken Lund


Taking you into the depths of Moab’s red rock desert, past ancient petroglyphs, through canyons, and around the Colorado River, the Amasa Trail race route is as much an adventure as it is a running race.

You’ll head into the wild as you climb all the way from the Colorado River corridor to the upper rims of the cliffs that surround it. According to, "en route there may be very steep sections, sharp corners, and narrow ledges with dangerous cliff exposure."

You can choose how far you want to push it: 10k, 15k, or 25k. If you miss the official Amasa Trail Race, which is held annually at the start of spring, you can still give the route a go yourself, as the trail is open to the public all year round. Go to for more information.

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