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Dead Horse Ultra Trail Race by Mad Moose Events

Utah’s stunning desert trail running challenge.

Trail Running Moderate, Difficult

Dead Horse Ultra 50k
Photo: Brendon Voelker


Begin running with the rise of the sun over the Moab desert, passing by the famous red rock formations that sit below the snow-capped La Sal mountains. The scenery that Dead Horse Ultra trail running race takes you through is spectacular from start to finish. The route features the Magnificent Seven Trails off of Gemini Bridges and brings you past Arches National Park, the La Sal Mountains, and Moab Valley. So it’s no wonder that Dead Horse Ultra won the “Best Destination Race” for the Mountain West Region.

The course also has various physical challenges, taking you across both technical slickrock and sandy washes. There are three route lengths to choose from: 30k, 50k and 50 mile. As well as increased distance, the routes differ in elevation gain: 30k-2000ft, 50k-3000ft, 50mi-4500ft.

To top it off, you can look forward to Mad Moose Enchiladas and other runner’s goodies at the finish line!

For a comprehensive race guide go to: https://www.madmooseevents.com/dead-horse-ultra

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