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10 Epic Trail Runs of the Southeast USA

Plan a day trip or a runcation around one of these epic adventure runs in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

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Art Loeb Trail
Photo: Brendon Voelker


The Appalachian Mountains are some of the oldest and most rugged mountains in the world. As such, they are also home to an incredible selection of trail running routes, including some of the most epic runs east of the Rockies. Enjoy big mountain views, run along ridgelines, and explore historic trails on one of these epic trail runs across the southern Appalachian Mountains.

As the centerpiece of the southern Blue Ridge, the greater-Asheville area produces some of the strongest and most versatile trail runners in the nation. It’s also noted for its epic trail runs including the Art Loeb Trail, Pitchell run, and Linville Gorge Circuit. FKT (Fastest Known Time) attempts seem to happen weekly, though few can chip away at the unfathomably fast times documented on some of these routes. Mountain Running Company of Black Mountain and Boone, as well as Jus’ Running are two excellent places to stop if you need any supplies, and many of their employees and team members hold records on routes and races across the region.

To the southwest, the Foothills Trail and the Georgia Loop are both spectacular 55+ mile-long runs along the North Carolina state line. Both routes offer numerous crew and aid stops, though there are plenty of stretches where you should expect to remain completely autonomous. The Foothills Trail also tours a segment of the wild and scenic Chattooga River, the inspiration behind the iconic and culturally-significant—yet graphic movie—Deliverance.

The furthest route south to make this list is the Conasauga River Trail. Compared to others on this list, there are no known FKTs of the route as of 2021. Its shorter distance and remote location likely contribute to that, though this long riverside run is a North Georgia adventure you cannot skip.

To the north in Virginia, you’re welcomed with three others: Catawba Loop, Three Ridges, and Massanutten Mountain. Each offers its own unique perspective of some of Virginia’s finest peaks, and Catawba even visits three of the most iconic and photographed spots anywhere on the Appalachian Trail. There is some diversity in distance between these routes, so there should be something to offer for anyone. Last but not least is S.C.A.R., the Smoky Challenge Adventure Run. Seventy miles in length, this run tours a stunning and iconic section of the Appalachian Trail through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Double (out-and-back) attempts have been pursued by some, though a single traverse still takes upwards of 14 hours for even the most elite runners. Mere mortals should still allocate at least 24 hours and know that there is little crew access as you run across the numerous high mountain peaks.

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