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Lidingö Race Course

The 30km route for the world's largest trail running race!

Trail Running Difficult

32 km
600 m
609 m
4-5 hrs
Low Point
0 m
High Point
52 m
Lidingö Race Course Map

Lidigö is a trail runner's dream: a pretty, hilly island merely a stone's throw from Stockholm city centre, packed full of trail running routes ranging from 4km to 30 km in length. It's THE spot to trail run in Stockholm, taking you up and down hills, along muddy paths, and it rewards runners with fantastic views of the sea and surrounding bays. In 1965 Lidingö first hosted the World’s largest trail race, which now attracts around 24,000 runners each year. This adventure takes you along that classic 30km trail, peaking with the famous "Abborbacken Hill," which climbs a mean 46m in elevation within 550m.


To get to Lidingö with public transport from the city centre, take the number 13 tram to Ropsten and then the bus 203/204/211 to Lidingövallen (Lidingö City Stadium). Conveniently, the Lidingö City Stadium has showers for the public to use after their muddy adventure!

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