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Lidingö. I Långängen-Elfviks naturreservat.

Trail Running Through Stockholm's Stunning Nature

3 unique trail running routes that show off Stockholm’s beautiful nature reserves, lakes, and islands.

Trail Running Moderate, Difficult

Lidingö. I Långängen-Elfviks naturreservat.
Lidingö. I Långängen-Elfviks naturreservat. Photo: Guillaume Baviere


Trail runners living in capital cities usually have a hard time finding rolling hills and patches of wilderness where they can really get their shoes muddy and feel the freedom of the great outdoors. That's not the case for Stockholm's trail runners. With nearly 300 nature reserves and two national parks teeming with wildlife, huge lakes, and a plethora of fauna, there's a fantastic amount of routes to keep any keen trail runner forever exploring.

Here are three great trail running routes that show off Stockholm's stunning nature reserves, in easy reach of the city centre. If you want the ultimate classic, try Lidingö, which traces the route of the World's largest trail race.

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