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The higher lake and the incredible Granatkapelle.

3 Family-Friendly Hikes from the Zillertal Cable Cars.

Easy but incredibly scenic hikes in one of Austria's most legendary mountain valleys!

Hiking Easy, Moderate

The higher lake and the incredible Granatkapelle.
The higher lake and the incredible Granatkapelle. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Making the transition from carrying your kids on a hike to them walking themselves is not easy - suddenly you have to consider whether they actually want to hike rather than just chucking them into the baby carrier! This list of 3 lift-accessed hikes is the perfect place to start if you want to enthuse your kids and give them the hiking bug rather than simply dragging them along on your own trips.

Each route is based at the top of a different cable car - 2 of them being accessed from Mayrhofen town centre and one beginning in Zell am Ziller, a small village in the northern part of the Zillertal. Like all kid-friendly hikes, these trips are more mini-adventures than true walking trips - on all 3 you'll spend much more time playing, jumping in lakes and petting animals than you will actually hiking! Such is the nature of getting kids into the outdoors...

None of the hikes have anything resembling technical hiking and all can be easily adjusted to fit energy levels, so you don't need to commit to covering a certain distance on any of these days. All 3 hikes take you to some fabulous viewpoints and they're lined with activities suitable for kids of all ages. If the kids still aren't enthused after this, it might be time to find a new hobby!

If (as is much more likely) your kids enjoy these trips and are keen for a little more of a challenge, check out these 3 peaks which are all climbed from the same 3 cable cars as these hikes -


If the kids complete that lot too, your work really is done!

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