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On the descent to the Steiner Alm.

Go Big in the Wildkogel : A Multi-Activity Challenge

5 tough adventures in a wild and remote corner of the Austrian Alps!

Mountain Biking, Hiking Difficult, Severe

Also in Salzburg, Austria

On the descent to the Steiner Alm.
On the descent to the Steiner Alm. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With abundant well prepared hiking trails, jeep tracks and cable cars, there are plenty of easy mountain adventures to be had in the Wildkogel (check these guidebooks out to learn more - /discover/guidebook/22721 & /discover/guidebook/22678) but - as you'll see in this guidebook - the area isn't short of tough challenges as well.

There's a bit of everything in here, from a long and wild ridge traverse to technical downhill biking lines and 2 adventures into a desolate mountain valley. If you manage to get them all done, you'll have seen much of what the Wildkogel has to offer and will no doubt have spotted a load more adventures en route.

The possibilities in the Wildkogel are endless, so work your way through this lot and begin a lifetime of adventures in this most beautiful and peaceful of areas.

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