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Nigel Pass on the Brazeau Loop

5 Days on the Brazeau Loop in Jasper NP

A trek deep into the Southern Ranges of Jasper National Park.

Hiking Moderate, Difficult

Nigel Pass on the Brazeau Loop
Nigel Pass on the Brazeau Loop Photo: Erik Lizee


The Brazeau Loop is a 4-5 day backcountry trek that begins from the Icefields Parkway. On the journey, you’ll cross multiple passes above timberline, camp at one of the park’s largest backcountry lakes, and walk many miles beside turquoise rivers among cool forest.

This trek doesn’t get the same attention as some others like Tonquin Valley or the Jasper Skyline, so you’re likely to share the trails and campgrounds with just a handful of fellow trekkers. The circuit can be completed in either direction, but it’s more common to go counterclockwise––so as to have more gradual elevation gain, and to save the trail’s magnificent highpoint (Jonas Shoulder) for the next-to-last day. More information and camping permits are available from Jasper’s Brazeau Backcountry Guide.

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