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Mount Temple

Introduction to Scrambling in Banff National Park

These routes to mountain summits are not for the faint of heart, but require no specialized equipment during the summer season.

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Severe

Mount Temple
Mount Temple Photo: Amit Shah


The mountains are the reason to come to Banff, no doubt about it. But most people witness the Rocky Mountain peaks from a distance––from the shore of an alpine lake, along a river in a valley, or perhaps at the toe of a glacier. To the casual observer, the summits themselves appear unobtainable, high in the sky and guarded by cliffs and glaciers. They all can be climbed, however, and while it’s true that many routes are for expert mountaineers only, there are some “scrambles” which are accessible to a wider audience. These scramble routes still require fitness and determination and come with a fair share of risk, but no specialized equipment is needed in the summer. With a good pair of boots, a helmet for safety, and perhaps traction devices for occasional snow crossings, these routes can take you to the roof of Banff National Park, atop some impressive summits.

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