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Unsanctioned gladed run, Whistler

Tree Runs for Powder Days at Whistler Blackcomb

Freerides that'll take you through Whistler Blackcomb's wooded winter wonderlands.

Freeride Skiing Difficult, Severe

Unsanctioned gladed run, Whistler
Unsanctioned gladed run, Whistler Photo: Ruth Hartnup


From coniferous mixed forest on the valley floor, to drier slopes, and alpine tundra high up in the mountains, Whistler is a lush cluster of microclimates. Fir trees, mountain hemlock, and western hemlock all thrive here. The upper terrain of Whistler Blackcomb is of course above tree-line, but as you ski further and further down you’ll pass through a wonderland of snow-capped firs. Some of the more challenging trails remain unmarked, leaving you to navigate yourself through the forest.

As well as their alluring beauty and agility challenges, tree runs also offer skiers refuge from wind and fog, and provide greater visibility on rougher days.

For entry-level tree run skiers wanting to build their confidence, ‘Where’s Joe’ is a great short blast through thinned out trees.

Experienced tree run skiers should head down CBC, where the full mix of drops, chutes, tight trees and pillow fields await you.

Looking for something unusual? If there’s been plenty of snowfall, then Outer Limits is an absolute dream. This long and weaving run takes you through an eerily beautiful forest of burnt trees.

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