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The Ultimate Rogers Pass Ski Touring Guidebook

Ski epic terrain and deep powder at one of the world's greatest touring destinations

Freeride Skiing, Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Seven Steps to Paradise


Glacier National Park, commonly known as Rogers Pass, is a gem of a ski touring destination. Located in the Interior Mountains of beautiful British Columbia, it’s known worldwide for its consistent and plentiful snowfall, quality skiing and rugged alpine terrain. The Trans-Canada Highway goes right through its center, making it one of North America’s most accessible mountain passes for ski touring, mountaineering and alpine climbing. The area is divided into a few valleys, named after the well-maintained parking lots found at their outflow. I’ve outlined them below from east to west:

Stone Arch


Connaught (Rogers Pass Discovery Center)

NRC (Mortar)

Illecillewaet & Asulkan

Loop Brook

Bostock (Flat Creek)

As you head up the drainages, you’ll find a variety of skiable routes of all difficulties ranging from alpine glaciers to steep trees. On top of being a world-class ski-mountaineering destination, Rogers Pass offers some of the Interior’s finest tree skiing. With a valley bottom elevation ranging from 900-1330m, you fortunately avoid the lower-elevation heinous bush commonly found closer to its nearest towns, Revelstoke or Golden. With its copious snow, comes great responsibility. Rogers Pass and its highway corridor is Canada’s most active avalanche zone. Parks Canada in cooperation with the Canadian Military runs an artillery-based avalanche control program that requires snow sliders to observe strict travel rules. A small price to pay for access to incredible, but lethal terrain. It’s worth noting travelling through the valleys of Rogers Pass puts you in the crosshairs of some complex, consequential avalanche terrain. A thorough knowledge of avalanche terrain management is needed to safely navigate its riches. If you lack the know-how, consider hiring a certified ACMG ski or mountain guide for the day.

To give you an overview of what’s on offer, I’ve included a plethora of routes in this guidebook, from mellow alpine strolls to vertigo-inducing couloirs spread across Rogers Pass’ seven main areas. Those routes are published in more detail on Beyond Our Peak, a local ski touring and splitboarding blog.

Routes included

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