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Camping spots at the base of the glacier

7 Epic PNW Hikes For Summer 2023!

These 7 picturesque hikes throughout British Columbia & Washington State will leave you in constant awe!

Hiking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Washington, United States of America

Camping spots at the base of the glacier
Camping spots at the base of the glacier Photo: Daniel Leung 2023


From short 2-hour day trips, to overnight trips, we've got you covered with these 7 must-do hikes in the PNW:

  1. Gotcha Peak — This is a great place to spend an overnight in the alpine. Setting up camp at the base of the glacier near the Stein Valley Park Boundary will set you to bag 3 peaks in a day (Gotcha, Gott, Not Gott).

  1. Mount St. Helens — One of the coolest volcano hikes where you can see the landscape change before your eyes (given it's an active volcano with constant rock slides & the cone building). Catch the sunrise over Rainier at the top of the tree line with an alpine start.

  1. Mt. MacFarlane — Epic views of Mt. Sleese from the ridge, and 2 alpine lakes to take a dip in. This hike can be both day-tripped, or overnighted!

  1. Semaphore Lakes — Low effort, high reward hike that you can take your paddle board on to hang out for the day in the alpine lakes & alpine meadows.

  1. Needle Peak — Offers some breathtaking views of all the mountain ranges in the Coquihalla / Fraser Valley area. Some scrambling is involved - make sure to check for lightning before you head out!

  1. Sigurd Peak — A classic Squamish peak that is less busy than most others, with alpine lakes on the way and an awesome view of the other mountain ranges at the top. This is your typical big vert day trip!

  1. Sahale Glacier — Though you can do it in a day, why would you? This is the most epic place to catch a sunrise, sunset, and do some moon watching! Camping at the base of the glacier means you get to be fully immersed in the alpenglow! The picturesque meadows & wildlife make the long way up very enjoyable!

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