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5 Best Suburban Hikes in Seattle's Issaquah Alps

If you don't have time to venture far from the city, check out one of these five hikes in Seattle's suburbs.

Hiking Moderate, Difficult

Seattle Photo: Jonathan Moreau


While Seattle is within easy striking distance of epic hikes in both the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains, if you don’t have time to drive far from town you can still access incredible trails with just a few minutes of car time. All five of the hikes included in this guidebook are located within minutes of downtown Seattle, and yet all five are still respectable adventures that will leave you feeling rewarded and accomplished at the end of the day!

The highlands rising above the suburb of Issaquah form the undisputed hotbed for suburban Seattle hiking. Known locally as “the Issaquah Alps,” these foothills “follow Interstate 90 from the shore of Lake Washington almost to the western face of the Cascade Range,” according to Wikipedia.

The Alps are home to “the popular Cougar Mountain and Tiger Mountain trail networks, which can see a lot of people,” according to Megan Michelson on Outside Online. You’ll also find the Squak Mountain and Taylor Mountain trail systems in the alps, as well as Rattlensake Ridge, Rattlesnake Mountain, and so much more.

Get started exploring the Issaquah Alps with these five must-do hikes!

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