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Olympic National Park

Discover the Incredible Diversity of Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is one of the most diverse national parks in the United States!

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Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park Photo: Shutterstock


"With glacier-packed peaks, ancient forests, and a rugged coastline, Olympic is arguably one of the most diverse national parks in the country,” writes Brad Lane on PlanetWare.com. With so many options available spread over almost a million acres of land, figuring out where to start is often the biggest challenge! In this guidebook, you’ll discover a broad selection of Olympic National Park’s very best hikes.

Most visits to Olympic National Park begin at the Hoh Rain Forest. This deep, lush, moss-covered forest is a result of the incredible 140 inches of precipitation that the Hoh Rain Forest receives every year. "The Hoh is one of the finest remaining examples of temperate rainforest in the United States and is one of Olympic National Park’s most popular destinations,” according to NPS.gov. To experience the Hoh Rain Forest, you can choose from short sightseeing hikes, an all-day epic, or even a multi-day backpacking itinerary that will take you all the way to the base of a glacier!

If you want to explore the wild and scenic coast of Olympic National Park, the North Coast Route provides an absolutely unbeatable multi-day backpacking itinerary! Sound like more than you want to bite off? Try out the Cape Alava Loop day hike instead.

If you prefer to head to the high ground, Mount Townsend or the Seven Lakes Loop will all satisfy your thirst for alpine views. To cap it all off, go soak in a hot spring and rest those weary muscles!

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