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On one of the first technical sections, with the chairlift visible behind

5 of the Best Trails at Big White Bike Park

A day's worth of superb riding at one of interior BC’s finest lift-served trail networks

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult

On one of the first technical sections, with the chairlift visible behind
On one of the first technical sections, with the chairlift visible behind Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Described in winter as “Canada’s Favourite Family Resort”, Big White is one of the premier mountain destinations west of the Rockies. The mountain is perched high above the rolling hills of the Central Okanagan and provides some huge views, and well as a wild, alpine-esque ambience all of its own. That’s a pretty good package by any measure, but Big White’s excellent (and fast-developing) bike park only sweetens the deal!

An hour or so north of Big White is Silver Star bike park (for more information click here /discover/guidebook/113359), which is probably second only to Whistler as Canada’s best lift-served riding spot, and as a result Big White doesn’t get the attention it should from bikers. The trail network is not as extensive as that in Silver Star, but it’s still an excellent place at which to ride for a few days, and the resort is investing in growing and improving the riding facilities every year. Big White village is pretty small but it has all the amenities to make a multi-day stay possible, including hotels, apartments for rent, a small shop and a handful of restaurants. There are also bike rental facilities in the village, so turning a trip to the bike park into a mini break is a great idea. One key bit of information is that the bike park is only open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - if you turn up on the first 3 days of any given week you’ll be disappointed!!! It usually opens for the season in the last week of June and closes in the first week of September.

The nature of Big White’s geology means that the trails are pretty rocky and bumpy, so this isn’t the place to come if pancake-smooth, easy rolling is what you’re after. There also aren’t many root-y sections, so come prepared for rocky, technical riding and you won’t be disappointed!

Regardless of what level you ride, taking a rip down Bumble Bee is a great way to get started, and provides the opportunity to see a remote and wild part of the mountain. Moving on, Pry Bar & Nessy is a logical next ride, with Bermslang & Shark Fin Soup and Lightning Strike being the obvious challenges after that. Finishing your day by linking Gecko, Ace of Spades & Squirts into one long, rocky and technical challenge is a perfect cherry on your Big White cake!

Having ticked the 5 lines in this guidebook, there are a LOT tougher, steeper and rockier options awaiting you at Big White…!

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