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Autumn Fairytales

Berlin’s Meanest Mountain Bike Trails

A guide for people who may not believe that you can mountain bike in Berlin.

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Autumn Fairytales
Autumn Fairytales Photo: Katri Niemi


Berlin is as flat as a pancake with hardly any hills, let alone a mountain in sight. But forever a creative city, Berlin’s mountain biking community manages to make their own fun and find plenty of places in the city’s surrounding nature to get their tires dirty.

Berlin's trails offer everything from sandy slopes to wooden ramps, and even a north shore trail within the city’s outer limits. Head out to the sprawling 3,000 hectares of Grunewald forest where you find lots of flowy trails and challenges in between the trees. A good place to start there is the Grunewald Teufelsberg loop trail, which even has quite a bit of elevation! If you are still chasing some elevation, then head east to the Müggelberge hills, which at 115 metres are some of the highest altitudes in Berlin. There are plenty of jumps out there and even a north shore trail, all of which you can find in this guidebook!

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