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Rifugio Nuvolau

A Week's Worth of Beautiful Easy Hikes Near Cortina

Explore the maze of wonderful easy trails around the capital of the Dolomites.

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Rifugio Nuvolau
Rifugio Nuvolau Photo: Giacomo Pompanin


Arriving in Cortina d'Ampezzo can be a little overwhelming - the unique Dolomitic limestone peaks are huge and imposing, the valleys deep and green, and the town itself buzzing with life. It's hard to believe that in amongst all the eye-popping scenery there's a myriad of easy trails suitable for the whole family.

These routes - which were created by the local tourist board - find a way through the epic Dolomites peaks without requiring anything more than a little effort. There's no scrambling required, and none of the trails go through any serious terrain, so these are great routes for enthusing kids and allowing them to understand the joys of hiking for themselves.

Some of the routes start from carparks, others use the extensive network of cable cars and chairlifts to access high terrain. Needless to say, all of the hikes offer world-class scenery, typically good Italian eateries and the unique ambience for which the Dolomites are so famous.

If that list sounds good but you'd like to combine it with a tough challenge - the Cortina Tourist Board have covered for that too!


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