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Looking across the lake from Molina

A Family-Friendly Week Around Lago di Ledro

Much more peaceful than its neighbouring Lake Garda, Lago di Ledro is a perfect destination for families.

Mountain Biking, Hiking Easy, Moderate

Also in Trento, Italy

Looking across the lake from Molina
Looking across the lake from Molina Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Lake Garda is wonderful but the obvious problem is that everyone else knows how wonderful it is, and it can be extremely busy during holiday season. However, the crowds are surprisingly easy to escape - simply drive west from Garda for half an hour and you will find yourself in the equally beautiful but much quieter surroundings of Lago di Ledro.

The Lago (lake) itself is much smaller than Lake Garda (which is Italy's largest lake) but the surrounding scenery is fabulous and the water is breathtakingly clear.

Listed here are 4 straightforward hikes around Lago di Ledro, and a gravel biking trip which is ideal for parents who manage to get a couple of hours off! The hikes can all be done while carrying tiny kids, and the 2 shorter ones are perfect for young kids who are beginning their own hiking careers. The 2 longer hikes (from the Tremalzo Pass) are slightly tougher and are ideal for older children who are able to walk for multiple hours and do some uphill in the process.

All the hikes provide fantastic scenery, and a glimpse at just what is on offer in this hidden gem at the heart of the Trentino region.

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