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Lionel and Gerow on Roller Coaster

Summit to Sea: Enduro Shuttles for Days in Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure is now one of the most famous mountain bike destinations in Europe. Dig into this guidebook to find out why!

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Lionel and Gerow on Roller Coaster
Lionel and Gerow on Roller Coaster Photo: Greg Heil


Once the Enduro World Series made Finale Ligure a staple stop every season, the word was officially out about this epic mountain bike destination. Now, Finale is renowned around the world for its epic shuttle runs that begin on top of the nearby mountain ridge and run all the way down to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Very few places in the world can you literally ride your bike off the top of a mountain and end on a beach, and Finale Ligure is one of them!

While you can pedal fantastic singletrack loops near Finale, booking a shuttle van is hands-down the way to go for mountain bikers. Tons of shuttle companies in town provide uplifts to the tops of the best trails. Whether you’re looking for just one or two runs, or you’d prefer to shuttle the entire day until either the sun goes down or your arms fall off, you can find a shuttle service that will serve your needs.

The number of trail options in Finale feels nearly limitless and can often be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Consequently, most (but not all) of the shuttle services in Finale include a guide to show you around the trails as a part of the package deal. However, some of the shops—most notably Evolve—do provide unguided single-run shuttles. If you hop on one of those unguided shuttles, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the trail network, where you want to go, and what specific runs you want to hit.

Enter this guidebook.

Included herein, you’ll find a brief overview of the best shuttle runs in Finale Ligure, anchored by the two main shuttle drop points at the top of Roller Coaster and at Base Nato. While there are indeed even more shuttle drop points and shuttleable trails, these two zones are the most popular and, for a first-time visit to Finale Ligure, are more than enough to fill a full weekend of riding! Dive into the individual ride descriptions, and then plan your escape to the warm sun and gnarly singletrack of Finale Ligure!

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