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5 Fantastic Trail Runs in Livigno

Discover Europe’s ‘Little Tibet’ in the Italian Alps.

Trail Running Moderate, Difficult


Sparse, high mountain scenery, a huge network of trails, and a tax-free status are the three stand out characteristics of Livigno. This isolated mountain town sits at 1816m in the Italian Alps near the Swiss border. The treeline is very low, so you don’t have to climb too high above the valley floor before vegetation becomes scarce and you’re looking out across a moonscape complete with many 3000 metre peaks.

The town itself has its own particular character, created by the combination of its lowrise, lowkey wooden buildings and its high saturation of shops, which is due to its tax-free status.

In terms of trails, there is a fantastic network all over the valley, at the top of the Vetta Blesaccia (2795m), and beyond. The majority of the trails are developed for mountain bikers and hikers, but they are also well suited to trail running.

In 2016, the Carosello 3000 lift, which takes you to the top of the Vetta Blesaccia, developed a bunch of trail running routes in partnership with Soul Running Magazine. The complete project became the Highest Running Park in Europe. Find out more here. In this guidebook, you will find some of those routes plus a few other gems around Livigno.

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