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Hiking up with the Murchison Headwall in the background

The Finest Ski Tours Around Mount Cook

Explore New Zealand's greatest mountain range on these outstanding alpine journeys

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

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Hiking up with the Murchison Headwall in the background
Hiking up with the Murchison Headwall in the background Photo: Kyle Miller


With some of the most spectacular mountains on Earth, massive, tumbling glaciers and a climate which might generously be described as "changeable", the Mount Cook range is one of the wildest places in the world for big mountain skiing. The mountains are remote, rugged to access, and challenging to move through - it all adds up to a spectacular package, suitable for advanced ski mountaineers with a healthy sense of adventure.

A comprehensive guidebook of every great ski line in the Mount Cook region would contain hundreds, maybe thousands, of lines, but the routes here would be plenty to keep even the most ambitious skier busy for several seasons. There's a route to the summit of Mount Cook itself (plus a great little warmup route), days trips from Mount Cook village, a selection of adventures from the Kelman Hut, and a beast of a route which leads from that hut all the way down towards New Zealand's West coast. Making several trips to the Mount Cook region and basing yourself at different locations within it each time is an excellent way of exploring the area, and this guidebook will be all you need. Even once you've ticked all the lines in here, we've also got a guidebook containing a handful of trips from the Tasmin Saddle Hut which will provide yet another week of superb ski adventures.

The sheer scale of the mountains around Mount Cook, and the (sadly receding) glaciers which line them make this a truly epic place to ski. Even accessing the hills is an adventure, and things only get more exciting once you're in them. If you've always dreamt of exploring these legendary mountains, reading and digesting this guidebook is the first step towards doing so. The routes were written by expert ski mountaineer Kyle Miller and IFMGA mountain guide Tom Grant so that you can be confident in their quality and accuracy. Now you just need a bit of luck with the notorious Mount Cook weather...!

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