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Corvatsch Northface

Freeriding for Thrill Seekers Around St. Moritz

Roam this sensational Swiss resort, famous for its abundance of fresh powder and sunshine.

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Corvatsch Northface
Corvatsch Northface Photo: Knut Pohl


St. Moritz is one of those places which looms large in skiing mythology. Situated in south Switzerland’s Engadin Valley, it boasts both snow and sun reliability and has a magnificent 350km of skiable terrain with a high point of 3,305m. What’s also unique to St. Moritz is that the treeline is higher up than usual for an alpine resort, allowing for deep, fluffy snow on pretty, sheltered tree runs.

The town is also stunningly picturesque. A glistening lake, lush alpine forests and spellbinding mountain scenery form the backdrop of elegant high-end shops and fine dining restaurants. So it's no wonder that St. Moritz has been attracting famous and wealthy clientele since its inception in 1864, and that it's one of the most desirable skiing destinations in the world.

St. Moritz’s past is also as rich as its landscape; it has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, and was the World’s first winter-sports destination. So you can imagine, the choice of expert and off-piste skiing is phenomenal. This guidebook features a collection of the best freeriding routes around St. Moritz.

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