Wonderful West Lancashire Walks

A varied collection of hikes in the northwest of England which will take you from canals to beaches and moorland.

Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Also in Lancashire, United Kingdom

Looking across the dunes to the beach
Looking across the dunes to the beach Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With Liverpool and Manchester to the south-west and south-east respectively, Preston to the north and traditional industrial towns all around, West Lancashire isn't somewhere you'd naturally assume has good hiking, and whilst much of the area is urban, there are also some gorgeous pockets of countryside for hikers to enjoy.

This guidebook showcases the diversity of hiking which can be found in West Lancashire, and in here you'll find a peaceful stroll alongside a canal, a journey across a famous beach, a loop over barren moorland, and just about everything in between. By doing all of these hikes you'll see much of north-west England as you drive between the Merseyside coast and the Pennine Hills, stopping off on the Lancashire plains in between.

One of the beauties of Lancashire is not just its hiking, but also it's proximity to both Snowdonia - /discover/guidebook/34958 - and the Lake District - /discover/guidebook/34491. Suffice to say that there's a summer's worth of hiking for those who are keen and willing to explore the underrated north-west corner of England!

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