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Easy Trails to Explore from Anchorage

The abundant trails of Anchorage make it easy to experience the city and also get a taste of Alaska's outdoors.

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As the state’s largest city and home to its busiest airport, Anchorage serves as the gateway to Alaska for many people. Upon stepping from the plane or the ship in this coastal city, you’ll likely notice not the ocean first, but the mountains. Rising starkly from sea level, the Chugach range creates a dazzling backdrop of pointed peaks streaked with snow. On a clear day, even taller and snowier peaks form the distant horizon, and the tallest of them all—Denali––appears in the north on the very best of days. Before venturing too far into Alaska’s wild mountains, however, you may want to stretch your legs on flatter ground close to town.

Luckily, Anchorage is one of the nation’s best cities for outdoor recreation, and not just for its position at the foot of the Chugach, but also for its urban trails and nearby nature parks. Whether dry and sunny in summer, or snowy and starlit in winter, Anchorage keeps its trails open and accessible for everyone all year long. Winter use might look very different, of course, as snow and ice warrant special modes of travel. But no matter when you visit, any of these Anchorage trails can make a friendly introduction to Alaska’s outdoors.

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