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The Maroon Bells

Discover the Best Hikes in Aspen, Colorado

Uncover the most epic hikes in Aspen, Colorado with this guidebook!

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The Maroon Bells
The Maroon Bells Photo: Greg Heil


Aspen has reigned for years as one of the top hiking destinations in the state of Colorado. The majestic beauty of the Elk Range is renowned far and wide, and the collection of peaks known as the Maroon Bells is just a short drive from downtown. Regarded as some of the most recognizable and most beautiful mountains in a state known for such things, photographers flock from around the world to take their own photos of the Maroon Bells, sightseers hop on shuttle busses to view the panorama, and hikers and mountaineers begin longer adventures from the same trailhead.

As you can imagine, many of the trails around Aspen can get very crowded during the peak tourist season. This guidebook rounds up the best and most popular hikes in Aspen, and perennial favorites (and viral sensations) found in this guidebook, such as Conundrum Hot Springs, Crater Lake, and the Four Pass Loop, are guaranteed to have crowds.

But there's hundreds if not thousands of miles of hiking trails near Aspen (it just depends how large you draw your circle). So if you're willing to venture a bit of the beaten path, you can easily have a fantastic adventure deep in the Elk Range all to yourself. For instance, if you skip the 14ers and head to a 13er like Electric Pass Peak, suddenly you might find yourself all alone in the majesty of the Colorado Rockies!

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