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Capitol Peak from Capitol Creek Trailhead

The 6 Most Technical 14ers in Colorado

Challenge yourself on the 6 most technical standard 14er routes.

Alpine Climbing Moderate, Difficult

Capitol Peak from Capitol Creek Trailhead
Capitol Peak from Capitol Creek Trailhead Photo: Brendan Bombaci


Colorado's famous 14,000-foot mountain peaks—known as the "14ers"—are home to a vast array of mountaineering challenges ranging from hikes along well-maintained trails to ultra-technical mountaineering ascents. If you're looking for a demanding mountaineering challenge in Colorado, then read on.

This guidebook rounds up the six most technical 14ers, as ranked by their standard route. All six of these mountains require a Class 4 climb to reach the summit by the easiest route. According to 14ers.com, ranked in order they are: North Maroon Peak, Pyramid Peak, Mount Wilson, Sunlight Peak, Little Bear Peak, and Capitol Peak.

While these mountains do not offer any easy options to reach their summits, the standard routes on most 14ers are generally not all that technical. For the accomplished mountaineer looking for a true challenge, look beyond the standard ascents, and consider the lesser-traveled routes. If you're interested in some of Colorado's most technical mountaineering challenges, set your eyes on Colorado's 4 Great Traverses.

Sources: 14ers.com

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