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Pioneer Cabin

Top 5 Scenic Hikes near Sun Valley, Idaho

Visiting in the summer or fall? Don't miss out on these trails among the best of Sun Valley's incredible outdoor adventures.

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Pioneer Cabin
Pioneer Cabin Photo: Brian Kelly


Sun Valley Resort and the town of Ketchum are cradled by mountain ranges on all sides, making it Idaho’s mecca for skiing in the winter. The area remains popular the rest of the year as well, but in the absence of snow, a lot of people drive on through to reach the Sawtooth Mountains farther north. Those who do stop and explore, however, will find an incredible amount of scenery outside the bounds of this resort town.

Just standing on the street in Ketchum, you’ll look up at steep foothills or perhaps down at the flowing river, but much bigger mountains lie just out of view. Take to the trails to find snowy summits, swaths of forest, snowmelt creeks, secluded lakes, and unpopulated vistas reachable only on foot. You can quickly leave the resort bustle behind and disappear into this vast landscape of Idaho mountains.

The best seasons for hiking here are late spring through mid-fall. After the snow has melted, the trails dry out, and wildflowers color the meadows. By midsummer, it can get hot and hazy, but you’ll enjoy cool air in the shade of subalpine forests. As temperatures drop in the fall, the leaves burst with color, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for hiking.

A wealth of trails begin practically in town, so whether you seek a quick jaunt or an all-day excursion, there’s an ideal trail for you. Here we’ve shared a few which are not to be missed. To get the most out of your Idaho vacation, be sure to explore at least one of these most-scenic hikes near Sun Valley.

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