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Hiking in the Boise Foothills

Best of Boise: Top 10 Hikes for the Family

Ideal trails for the whole family to enjoy near the city.

Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Hiking in the Boise Foothills
Hiking in the Boise Foothills Photo: Shutterstock


Boise is blessed with an abundance of trails at the edge of the city, where dirt paths lead into the prairie hills above. Some of these are casual strolls, while others are quite steep and rugged. You don’t have to walk far to find incredible views over the town and a surprising diversity of nature, but long hikes are possible too. The variety means there is something for all ages and every ability. Dogs are always welcome, with some trails requiring leashes and others not, as signs at the trailhead will note.

To help find the very best hikes for your family, we’ve compiled this guidebook of our favorites. They all reach exceptional scenery with just the right amount of effort, ranging from easy to moderately challenging, and most have tougher extensions you could choose to take. No matter if you just arrived in Boise or you’ve lived here for years, this pick of trails should hold something new for your family to explore.

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