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Paved path taking you past ancient homes.

Explore Ancient Ruins in Bandelier National Monument

The best hikes in Bandelier National Monument, leading to ancient Native American ruins.

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Paved path taking you past ancient homes.
Paved path taking you past ancient homes. Photo: Scott Anderson


Bandelier National Monument, located in northern New Mexico, isn’t the best-known national park or monument, but the ancient Native American ruins that it protects are simply outstanding! The National Monument protects evidence of human habitation going back over 11,000 years. "Petroglyphs, dwellings carved into the soft rock cliffs, and standing masonry walls pay tribute to the early days of a culture that still survives in the surrounding communities,” according to the National Park Service.

The various ruins are accessible by a 70-mile network of hiking trails spreading across the 50-square-mile monument. Some of the routes included in this guidebook are very short, yet lead to incredible ancient ruins. Other hikes are lengthy and remote, heading deep into Bandelier’s Wilderness. Whatever the flavor of hike you prefer, this guidebook of Bandelier National Monument’s best hikes has something for you!

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