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Deschutes River Trail

Family-Friendly Adventures on the Trails of Bend, OR

With so much going on in the city of Bend, everyone in the family is guaranteed to find an activity they enjoy.

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Deschutes River Trail
Deschutes River Trail Photo: BLM


Bend, Oregon, defies the conventional formula of most famous mountain towns. While the typical mountain destination may have just a few thousand permanent residents, Bend is a bustling city with a population of 100,000, with all the trappings that come with that population size. Traffic is a thing, major big box stores are sprinkled across town, and the famous beer scene has led to a different brewery being established on almost every street corner. While most top mountain destinations might offer one token brewery (maybe two if you’re lucky), Bend is home to a whopping 20-some breweries. That number continues to grow, and it could easily reach the 30s by the time you read this guidebook.

The size of Bend provides a unique opportunity for families looking for a mountain vacation. With so much going on in the city of Bend, everyone in the family is guaranteed to find an activity they enjoy. Whether some family members want to go shopping, sit on the banks of the river, play in a city park, or do something else entirely… the city can keep even members of the family who aren’t interested in the outdoors fully occupied.

But for those who are interested in hitting the trails, we’ve rounded up four family-friendly hiking and mountain biking routes in and around Bend to help you explore the surrounding area. From viewing the thundering Tumalo Falls, to mountain biking the Phil’s Trails, or hiking along the Deschutes River, this guidebook will point you in the right direction.

After you’ve gotten hot and sweaty on the trails, be sure to take advantage of the delightful water access around Bend to cool down. Whether you choose to float down the river in town (a guaranteed hit with the entire family) or swim in one of the crystal-clear lakes along the Cascade Lakes Highway, Bend offers plenty of off-trail yet outdoors opportunities for relaxation and family fun.

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