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Deschutes River Trail

3 Quick, Non-Technical Trail Runs in Bend, Oregon

Dip your toe in Bend's trail running scene.

Trail Running Easy

Deschutes River Trail
Deschutes River Trail Photo: Greg Heil


While some mountain town destinations require runners to scale literal mountains in order to reach scenic vistas, the landscape around Bend, Oregon lends itself to mellow, relaxed runs through the woods. Sure, you can still climb a volcano or two in the nearby mountains, but if you would prefer to meander along a smooth, sandy trail instead of scaling a scree field, we have you covered. In this guidebook, you’ll find three short, easy trail runs to get you started.

First up, sample Bend’s ultra-popular Phil’s trail system on this short 5.5-mile loop of the Kent’s and Phil’s Trails. Another similar 5-mile run can be found right here. If you want a little more mileage, try this longer Kent’s -> Phil’s route. As you can see from these examples, you can easily construct an endless variety of short, non-technical runs from the Phil’s Trailhead.

Finally, if you’re looking for a run with more views than Phil’s has to offer, try this delightful out-and-back along the Deschutes River with beautiful views of the rushing river. Several of the viewpoints along this route overlook rapids, and on most summer days, you can watch whitewater rafters try their luck on the cascades and rapids as they try to avoid the volcanic rock walls. Thanks to the nourishing water, the trees and undergrowth grow both tall and dense, providing a greener, lusher trail experience than in most other places in the region.

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