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Instep Trail

Fly Below the Moab Radar at Klondike Bluffs

Pedal miles upon miles of techy singletrack and rock slabs, complete with a beautiful campground for your home base.

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Instep Trail
Instep Trail Photo: Greg Heil


The Klondike Bluffs Trail System lies 30 minutes to the north of the ultra-popular mountain bike destination of Moab, Utah. Even though 30 minutes might not seem that far, this complex network of singletrack tends to fly way below the radar for most Moab tourists. Consequently, it receives a fraction of the traffic of the more famous Moab trails, despite offering fantastic singletrack and slabby rock riding gems.

Part of this lack of traffic could be due to the complexity of the trail system. When you look at Klondike Bluffs on a map, interconnected singletrack trails appear to run every which way up and down the ridge. How do you possibly combine these trails into logical rides? Where do you even begin?

That's what this guidebook will help you determine. With a bit of planning and strategy (and the help of these recommended route itineraries), you can stitch the trails here into a wide variety of route options ranging from beginner to advanced.

Some riders argue that the quality of the trails here isn't as high as some other trail systems in Moab. While that might be true, Klondike Bluffs does provide an additional feature that many other Moab trail systems don’t: sheer mileage. You'll find miles upon miles of technical slickrock and singletrack spread along this bluff formation. Most riders could spend an entire week exploring the various loops, spurs, connections, and options in this network.

The trail system can be accessed from two different trailheads, differentiated as "South" and "North." Some of the routes in this guidebook begin from the southern trailhead, and others begin from the northern trailhead. However, if you're willing to put in enough miles of pedaling, you can access all of the trails from either trailhead—it's just a matter of distance and fitness.

One final factor that helps Klondike Bluffs stand out from other trail systems in the region is the beautiful campground found at the North trailhead. Here, you can easily pedal straight from your campsite and access over 50 miles of interconnected singletrack without firing up the engine.

If you're looking for some lesser-trafficked trails in Moab that are still stunningly-beautiful and highly-entertaining, be sure to put Klondike Bluffs on your todo list!

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