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The mountain sports capital of the world, Chamonix gets plenty of hype and deserves it all. Whether you're a skier, climber, biker or hiker, Chamonix is probably on your bucket list, and it doesn't disappoint when you finally get there. The Chamonix mountains are steep, solid (by the standards of alpine areas) and utterly spectacular. That would be a pretty good combination even if you had to hike to reach them, but the Chamonix valley is covered in cable cars and chairlifts, making access to its legendary peaks remarkably easy. In summer the Chamonix valley is full of ambitious climbers, some making their first forays into alpine adventures, others already masters of the craft making the most of easy access to keep their skills sharp. Whichever category you fall into there are routes on rock, ice and snow to choose from, and a strong community feeding back conditions updates and beta. Come winter the valley fills with snow and the famous lines from the Aiguille du Midi, Brévènt and Grands Montets draw the best skiers from across the globe. Even when the high mountains are out of condition or cloaked in cloud Chamonix still has a huge amount to offer, with an array of rock climbing crags in summer and a collection of XC ski trails providing plenty of options on all but the grimmest of days. If all of this sounds a little too hardcore then there's still a huge network of hiking and biking trails lining the valley, most of which are world-class in their own right! Suffice to say, Chamonix is all you hope it will be, but don't just take our word for it!

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