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The cable car waiting to whisk you to an adventure!

Ride With The Locals : Innsbruck Bike Park Mutters

5 famous trails at the local hangout for Tirol's best riders!

Mountain Biking Difficult, Severe

The cable car waiting to whisk you to an adventure!
The cable car waiting to whisk you to an adventure! Photo: Charlie Boscoe


The legendary Bikepark Innsbruck is rightly considered to be one of the finest places to ride a mountain bike in Europe. The centre features trails of all difficulties, from a simple jeep track right through to extreme downhill scare-fests. The facility began hosting the Crankworx festival in 2017 and is growing in reputation every year.

We've described the main 5 routes here, covering almost every level of difficulty in the FATMAP scale. If you tick all of these you deserve a pat on the back, but the real challenge comes from not only getting down these but doing so quickly and stylishly. Learning any of these lines well would take countless hours of practise, so just riding them all once only represents the start of your journey!

The Bikepark haven't been particularly imaginative in their naming of the trails, but at least it's easy to figure out which one is which at a glance! All of the trails, from "The Simple One" to "The Wild One", are appropriately named so don't say you weren't warned...

The Bikepark can be accessed from Innsbruck by tram, bus, car or pedal power and once there you'll need to buy either a day pass, or buy individual rides on the lift. The Muttereralmbahn cable car - above the little (and charmingly named) village of Mutters - is the primary lift for the Bikepark but the Nockspitzbahn (in the nearby village of Götzens) can also be used. Be aware that the Nockspitzbahn is not always open, so check this before heading up. The Bikepark itself can sometimes be closed too after bad weather so check https://www.bikepark-innsbruck.com/en/ before planning a day on the trails.

If you get back to Innsbruck and are still hungry for more riding, one option is to finish your day on the Arzler Trail, Innsbruck's most famous ride -


After a day at the Bikepark and then a trip on the Arzler Trail, even the most keen of bikers will likely be ready for a weissbier!

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