Big Mountain Vistas and Easy Riding : Bike the Wildkogel

4 beautiful mountain bike rides with minimal technicality and maximum views!

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Also in Salzburg, Austria

Beginning the descent from the left turn at the top of the Riederbach valley.
Beginning the descent from the left turn at the top of the Riederbach valley. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


In a strong field, the Wildkogel might just be the most scenic region in Austria. Think about it - it's got lakes, deep and wild valleys, and views across the glaciated peaks of the Hohe Tauern, home to the highest mountains in the country.

An added bonus is that the Wildkogel is significantly quieter than some of its famous neighbours such as the Zillertal and Zell regions - you're unlikely to have these rides entirely to yourself but they certainly won't be busy and you'll be able to enjoy plenty of solitude on them.

2 of the rides are lift-accessed and 2 can be ridden without any assistance, so this selection of routes offers plenty of variety, and the option to alternate between tougher and easier days. All of the rides are simple enough and don't feature anything more challenging than bumpy tracks, so you can get on with enjoying the views rather than stressing about technical difficulty! That said, if you do want a bit of technical difficulty, you won't find any shortage of it at the Isskogel Bikepark - /discover/guidebook/22721.

So whether you want some beautiful, chilled rides, or an adrenaline-fuelled day on some tough trails, we've got you covered!

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