Huge Vistas and Rugged Riding : Isskogelbahn Bikepark

An underrated bikepark in one of Austria's most beautiful regions - this is a connoisseur's choice!

Mountain Biking Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Curving northshore and snowy mountains - how cool is that?!?!
Curving northshore and snowy mountains - how cool is that?!?! Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Nestled between the 2 tourist honeypots of Zillertal and Zell am Zee, the Wildkogel region is an area which many bikers pass through but few stop in. With the publication of this guidebook (and others to the region) the Wildkogel might finally get the recognition it deserves from bikers - and hikers - looking to get away from busier parts of Austria.

There are some fabulous trail and enduro rides in the area and there's also this (hugely underrated) bikepark above the village of Gerlos too. The bikepark feels pretty wild, partly because it's so quiet but also because the trails are not perfectly maintained and feel much more natural than those found in most lift accessed biking areas; don't expect Whistler-style smooth runs here - this is a bikepark for those who want their rides to feel like adventures!

There's only 5 trails at the Isskogel bike park so you can "tick" it off in a day if you want, but those bumpy trails and northshore features are likely to tempt you back a few times before you really feel like you've done this area justice!

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