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3 Most Challenging Trail Runs in Stubaital, Austria

A local's guide to three tough trails that take you to the most famous peaks in the Stubaital valley!

Trail Running Difficult, Severe

Hoher Burgstall from Schlick Parkplatz
Photo: Michal Šnajdr


The Stubai Alps near Innsbruck in Austria have a lot to offer trail runners. There are countless trails to run and mountains to climb, and in this guidebook, you'll get a taste of what's on offer.

The three trails included here will take you to some of the most famous peaks of the valley but in a different way to what you might expect. These tours are meant for experienced mountain runners who don’t want to spend two days hiking one mountain or don't want to cheat and use the lift!

The trails are full loops, bringing you back to your parking place (or bus stop). Be warned because, as the title says, they are difficult and exposed, but definitely worth it!

All three peaks are regularly visited Stubai classics, so they can be quite touristy, but almost all of them take shorter or multi-day tours. With the routes below, you certainly won't find much traffic on your way up and down!

All tours are around 20km and with 2000m+ ascent.

The list begins with Serles, the very first mountain you see when coming from Innsbruck. This mountain has a spectacular north face, and running it up and down from the valley must definitely be on your bucket list.

Next up is Hoher Burgstal, also a very runnable route combining everything from dirt roads, narrow mountain trails, to rocky terrain.

Finally, you'll run Wilder Freiger via a route that is common in winter but not in summer.

On these routes you'll find glacier travel, scrambling, and super technical running—all the ingredients for those who want to combine alpine running with some mountaineering aspects as well.

Keep in mind that these tours are both technically and physically difficult and weather dependent—do not underestimate them! They also require experience with high mountain running and glacial tours.

For those that dare, the rewards will be plentiful!

Routes included

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