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Terrific Trail Running in the Kitzbühel Alps

4 fantastic routes taking you up, down, and around the diverse peaks of Kitzbühel.

Trail Running Moderate, Difficult


The Hahnenkamm and the Kitzbühler Horn are the two standout mountains in Kitzbühel. Both are grass-covered, just under 2000 metres, and form part of the Kitzbühel Alps. From each mountain, you also get a fantastic view down the valley of the rugged, grey, and absolutely humongous Wilder Kaiser massif.

There are many many trails covering both the Hahnenkamm and the Kitzbüher Horn, and of course, even more taking you to the area surrounding Kitzbühel. Every year Kitzbühel also hosts the (Gamstrail)https://www.gamstrail.at/de/laufstrecken-in-und-rund-um-kitzbuehel.html. This famous trail running race attracts runners with its variety of routes through magnificent nature and Kitzbühel’s first-class infrastructure on the mountains and in the valley. The popularity of the Gamstrail led to the development of 14 permanent running trails, some of which you can find in this guidebook.

Routes included

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