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Foster Lake

Epic Hikes in Vancouver Island's Strathcona Park

Three extraordinary trails in Strathcona Provincial Park that will leave you lost for words with the breathtaking scenery.

Hiking Difficult, Severe

Foster Lake
Foster Lake Photo: Nick Keenan


Strathcona Provincial Park has no shortage of great hiking trails, so how do you know which ones you should do? Well, this guide contains what are in my opinion the 3 best day hikes in Strathcona.

These trails are all challenging day hikes with significant elevation gain, but all the trails in this guide can be made easier by completing them as an overnight backpacking trip. This also allows you significantly more time to relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery you find on these trails.

The easiest of the trails is the Elk River route. This is still a challenging trail but has less elevation and takes you to one of the most beautiful lakes on Vancouver Island. I’ve done many hikes all over Vancouver Island, but the picturesque views at Landslide Lake make it my favourite lake on the island.

Mt Albert Edward and Kings Peak are both challenging day hikes - they are two of the highest peaks on the island with some seriously epic scenery. Both of these trails travel through a wide variety of terrain which really showcases the best Strathcona has to offer.

If you are looking to maximise your time hiking in Strathcona, I would highly recommend these trails to really experience all the park has to offer. The trails are long and challenging, but the views are sensational and the memories will last a lifetime.

When completing these trails as a day hike, make sure you start early to allow enough time to finish the trail before it’s dark. If you have the time, then consider making it an overnight trip. Camping permits are only $10 and you won’t regret spending the extra time in these stunning locations.

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