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Lake O'Hara from above

The Very Best Hikes in Yoho National Park

For fans of waterfalls and mountain lakes, it's hard to beat Yoho National Park.

Hiking Difficult, Severe

Lake O'Hara from above
Lake O'Hara from above Photo: John Johnston


Yoho is one of the quartet of national parks in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, on the border with British Columbia and Alberta. Four national parks, each with their own host of activities, makes for a lifetime’s worth of adventures. How can you decide what to do in just one trip?

It is, of course, impossible to see the best of it all, but you can try to narrow it down. Yoho is the park with the most impressive waterfalls, the most rewarding circuits around alpine lakes, and some particularly scenic treks in the alpine. The following trails can deliver you to all that and more in Yoho National Park.

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